• Training with Paul was an investment for life, I keep on going back to the exercises we did together and when I feel like I'm slipping away, I look back at his nutrition tips. I sweated a lot and laughed a lot... Wow - Thank you, Paul!

    Beata Van Overmeiren

  • Since I began training with Paul at the age of 45 I have lost weight and gained more muscle and flexibility. I feel fitter, more confident and more energetic, which helps me cope with any stress, particularly long hours in the office.

    Kevin Gerard Walsh

  • His stimulating, challenging and never boring training sessions, together with his training schedules which I used on the days I was training on my own, resulted in a loss in weight of 10+ kg and becoming very fit - being as fit as I was when I was 25 says it all! Especially my energy levels improved significantly and hence my productivity which, being an entrepreneur.

    Paul Verrips

  • But Paul, while he certainly has taught me to do the physical exercises and pushed me to higher levels of fitness, has done so much more.   Paul takes a holistic approach to training.  He spends time, while we're working out, to discuss overall well-being, diet, attitude towards fitness. He provides tools to take control of fitness, not wait for it or expect it to come from someone else counting off during exercise. - And healthy habits are infectious.  My family eats healthier and we spend more time at sports than we did one year ago.  Not sure you always see that from a trainer who just tells you to do push ups.

    Erik B

  • Loosing the weight is a great investment in my health both physically and emotionally - I no longer have pain in my joints and have no stress trying to buy new clothes for myself. It will also help me realize some of my dreams, like skydiving (it has a weight limit).

    Inese Duka

  • Sports has been my lifestyle ever since I can remember. I've been actively involved in many indoor-outdoor sports feeling healthy and fit. Then, about a year ago, my life suddenly turned upside down after discovering that I have taken ill chronically. This news was totally unexpected and seemed devastating, affecting not only my physical stamina but also my mental mood. I thought that my sporting days are over. However, knowledge can be empowering.  It makes you feel more in control of the condition. Me, too, I learned that doing sports is, firstly, still possible for me and, secondly and perhaps more importantly, even essential to better cope with my health condition in the future. This is what Paul got me convinced of when I hired him to help me with starting training again. It was Paul who motivated me to push myself harder towards the goals to regain my confidence and fitness levels. - Thanks to Paul I have made real gains in strength and especially performance techniques and can truly say that now I feel fitter and stronger than ever before in all respects!

    Anna-Liisa Ratilainen

  • Following a stroke I had lost all confidence in going to the gym and other areas of my life. With Paul's help, not only is it a pleasure to go and train (quite a turn around given my aversion to the gym), but I'm much more confident and outgoing. And as an added bonus my blood pressure has gone down, my fitness up, and I've lost 7kg. With Paul there is no option - looking forward all the way!

    Monica Murphy Patterson