Components of fitness

We have to be inventive to overcome weaknesses

The components of fitness each work together to contribute to the ability of the body to handle physical demands. The more efficient the body functions, the higher the level of fitness. Optimal fitness is a combination of lifestyle, nutrition, habits, but it cannot be reached without an appropriate level of physical activity. Optimum physical performance is a combination of all the components of fitness and depending on the specific demands of the sport or activity, some components will require more attention than others, but each should be present as a part of an integrated training program.

To effectively train and include all components of fitness into your lives, I have assembled a team of specialists to work hand in hand, to ensure your body has everything it needs.

I am however a firm believer in a healthy body and a healthy mind. We have to be inventive to overcome weaknesses and to support the creative process of the body and mind I cooperate with London’s Arts in Health Forum. They have partnered with Tate Modern and BMW Tate live for the dance project by Boris Charmatz, #DancingMuseum, when every visitor was encouraged to join the dancers. Research shows Art has a huge impact on wellbeing. For example, art placed on public places makes people feel more secure and inspired. I invite artists to reflect deeper about the components of fitness and show it in the studio.