TEAMTIME™ Loic: The Mont-Blanc

TEAMTIME™ Loic: The Mont-Blanc, what a challenge and fantastic experience! In July I went to Chamonix to conquer this marvel of nature with a team raising money and awareness for the association. Quiet scary but something I have always wanted to do. In order to enjoy the trip and be ready for the climb I looked at the physical demands of such an undertaking and planned a physical preparation over 8 weeks and it paid off! 

I knew I would need a high level of endurance, strength and balance, not to mention the demands on the respiratory system at 3600m, where there is less oxygen. It's much harder to breath and my lungs didn't hesitate in telling me. To cope with this demand I did plenty of endurance training at least 4x1 hour sessions per week. Strength was vital because of the 40kg's plus load we were carrying so squats and lunges 2x/week was essential. The weight of the rucksack, the lack of oxygen, the snow, the wind and so on; all the ingredients are there for you to twist your ankle or knee. You can prepare your knees and ankles to become more stable in many ways, I find the Bosu (a balancing platform) and TRX are two great tools for this. If you're going skiing this winter these tools can prove invaluable and help you to really enjoy your time on the slopes.

Whatever challenge you face, by failing to prepare you are preparing to fail!