Studio visit #1: Sarah-Jane Hoffmann for Metropolis M

Sarah-Jane Hoffmann is the next artist on show at Paul Tucker Personal Training and will trigger the question who defines the measurements you have to live up to. The exhibition is part of the program around Art Brussels and Independent.and the studio will be open for visitors who want to have a look at the installation. 

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TEAMTIME™ Loic: The Mont-Blanc

TEAMTIME™ Loic: The Mont-Blanc, what a challenge and fantastic experience! In July I went to Chamonix to conquer this marvel of nature with a team raising money and awareness for the www.ekhoes.be association. Quiet scary but something I have always wanted to do. In order to enjoy the trip and be ready for the climb I looked at the physical demands of such an undertaking and planned a physical preparation over 8 weeks and it paid off! 

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